Friday, September 11, 2015

never that simple...

I can't believe it is so long since I last posted.  Life is just so busy and complicated - but you knew that.  So here I am about to make another attempt at recording the simple things that make each day.  That may be over-ambitious: maybe each week, say.

And hello Autumn!  We can lie in bed with just one blind lifted and see this birch tree in our neighbour's garden.  Betula Pendula can grow to 26m but lives no more than a century. This morning we watched this solitary Lady of the Woods begin to change her seasonal clothing.  I remember that when we were in Oslo this began to happen during the second week of August, so I suppose she has  had a month's grace.

Although this morning - photo taken at 7.30 am - is blue and cloudless, the rest of the week has been true misty-moisty back-to-school weather: and so DD heads back to college today and I must truly get my head into some books.

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