Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rise and sing

Bells ring
Rise and sing
I've work to do this morning...

A little more autumn in the birch tree as we come to the equinox, which is today and not conveniently on the 21st as Mary would always like it to be.  We wondered if that might be because we are heading towards the next leap year, needed to get the equinoxes back into synch.  Who knows?

This is quite probably work avoidance.  I have an essay to complete and the deadline is a bit close for comfort - but I do need to get to the end of the song first.

Though bright my song
the day is long
and little food I bring along.
Aspens call me hither, thither,
linden trees are soothing.
Brooms I make from birch tree branches till the dusk of evening.

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